Barn Doors Are Not Just For Barns Anymore

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interior barn door hardware stained wood classic strap

Barn doors are increasingly becoming a popular choice in the interior design concept. Not only does it improve the ambiance of the space, but also it adds a unique feature to the house design. Let’s take a sneak peek into some of the trending barn door hardware designs that transforms the way you imagine your dream home.

Designs & Hardware

•    Sliding Barn Doors: –
The first thing that anyone thinks of is the private spaces. The interior sliding barn doors are just the right ones for those cozy spaces.  Fit one of these as your bedroom doors and make a seamless isolation of your private space from the rest of the house.

The barn doors can be mounted using flat rail track hardware and simple design. The door hardware kit is made up of robust alloys and comes in bronze, steel and zinc that provide extra rigidity, strength and support.

  •    The Bathroom Barn Doors: –
The bathroom barn doors are just the right ones for those smaller spaces. Use them to make extra space in your room, while you create a stylish transition from outside into your bathroom. Interior hardware kit is made from 304 S/S material.

    •    The Interior Barn Door: –
Use the interior barn doors to give an impressive makeover to your kitchen cabinets, TV cabinets, book shelves and other storage spaces in the house. In fact, we offer a wide range of knobs and pulls to match your barn door and cabinets. The interior barn doors can also be used as a separation between the living and the study room, your private library or reading room. You can also create a corner work space such as spaces under the staircase and isolate them with the interior barn doors.

The interior sliding barn door hardware can be made up of materials such as wood, steel, aluminum, or bronze alloy.

   •    The Rolling Barn Door and Hardware: –
The rolling barn door design implements smooth rolling wheels that is installed and glides on the metal rolling brackets or rails. The bottom of the door is supported with fixtures to prevent the lateral movement of the door and retain the even gliding motion.

The rolling interior barn door hardware essentially consists of the rolling wheels supported on brackets, the steel rail channel for supporting the door frame and the door brackets to provide rigidity.