Tips and Instructions on How to Install a Sliding Barn Door Inside Your Own Home

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interior barn door hardware white barn door rolling classic strapSliding barn doors inside homes are becoming a very popular way to not only create a unique space but also make small areas more functional. With the right sliding door hardware or rolling door hardware anyone can create their own DIY sliding barn door project. Before you start your own sliding barn door project below are some important things to remember.

Make sure your door is going to fit your opening!

It is important to consider the space where you are going to add your sliding barn door. Is there enough room for the door to slide all the way open? Is the area where it is going to slide free of power points and light switches, vents, windows and other doors?

How much use will this door get?

Like pocket doors, sliding barn doors and sliding walls always work best when they remain either closed or open. You don’t want to be leaving them ajar or halfway open or closed. If it is going to be half open or closed, then it may be better to consider a swinging door for that space. Adding an adjustable door guide is another way to ensure your door slides quietly for years to come.

Read the instructions!

It is important that you follow the instructions or guide that come with your sliding barn door hardware kit. Just because it is a DIY project doesn’t mean that you can disregard the manufacturers instructions. They will help you work out how much minimum room you will need for your door along with the minimum size of the door for the opening.

Remember, if you get stuck, there are always many guides available online as well as the instructions that come with the sliding barn door hardware kit.